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Office Add: #158, Xianghe Road, Dipu Town, Anji County, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China

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Anji Time Travel Co., Ltd. is invested and constructed by Hong Kong Lonseng Group. It was founded in Sep. 2015 with register capital of 10 million dollars. Whole investment is 300 million dollars. Our project is located in Zhangcun Town of Anji in Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 129mu. Main business scope includes high-end tourism, large meeting, hotel, health maintenance. Our project has advantages of large scale, friendly environment. We develop Zhangcun town as No. 1 leisure brand in Zhejiang and even whole East China region relying high-quality service.
Anji Time Travel Health Wellness Town is located in Yangtse river delta economic area. It is about 50km to Hangzhou and 200km to Shanghai. In Health Wellness Town, there is Longwangshan Mountain, which is national nature reserve. Zhangcun Town is honored as “the first town at Beach of Huangpu River. Inside Zhangcun, there are ridges and peaks, cloud and flow, spring and river, and miles of bamboos. In addition, there are Buddhist culture, Taoist culture and minority folk-custom. Meanwhile there is vegetable base, rare seeds of trees, valuable Chinese herbal medicine and teas. Thus it is best place for health maintenance.
Anji Time Travel Health Wellness Town attracts health experts, tourists and retired cadre from America, Japan and Europe on the basis of high-end environment, and service.
AnjiTime Travel Health Wellness Town also attracts domestic tourists from Yangtze River Delta and East China region. Anji has been developed as No. 1 tourism town in East China.